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Triple Axle Heavy Duty Pontoon Trailers

Our PMI triple axle trailers are built on a strong 5" frame with heavy duty 3/16" steel tongue.  Three triple axle 3500 lb galvanized axles and 14" load range D Radial tires.  2x6 bunks cradle the largest pontoon tubes.   Large winch stand with 3200 lb winch, and full handrail.  Comes with 2 5/16" brake coupler and 5 flat wire with electric lockout for the hydraulic braking system.  

PMI330-SD Galv.jpg
PMI332 tri tube.JPG

Models of Triple Axle PMI Trailers

PMI-326  for 26'-27' pontoon boats with large engines

PMI-328   for 28'-29' pontoon boats

PMI-330   For 30'-31' pontoon boats

PMI-332   For 32'-33' pontoon boats

PMI-334   For 34'-35' pontoon boats

PMI326-SD on Barletta.jpg
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