Pontoon Decking and Flooring Options

3/4" Thick CCA Treated Marine Grade Decking

Available in 8' wide and 8'6" Wide
4'x8' - $119.00 
4'x8'6" - $139.00 

Marine Grade Adhesive

Our Marine Adhesive is specially formulated to work with our carpet and Marine grade plywood.  Covers approximatly 12'x8' of deck space per gallon.  Apply with a 1/8" V notched trowel.

Trowel for Glue

$32.95 Per Gallon
Lumberyard Decking after 1 season
To Learn more about the difference between our CCA Treated Marine Grade Decking and that sold at your local lumber yard 

Deck Joint Tape

Seals deck board joints where decking meets over a cross channel. Butyl tape prevents
water from seeping between deck boards and making the carpet wet from beneath the deck.

$20.00 Per Roll

Elevator Bolts (1 1/2" or 3") Bag of 100

E Bolts.jpg

Sold 100 per bag.  Elevator bolts have been used for years, but most manufacturers have switched to deck screws.  Elevator bolts are flat on the top, drill the deck slide in the E-bolt and have someone under the deck tighten the nut. 

Note: 3" E-Bolts are required on Crest Pontoons.

1 1/2" - $55.00 
   3"     - $59.00 

Deck Screws


Kit of 100, 5/8” round head, 1 7/8” long, self tapping. Installs from atop the deck. Requires air tools or a heavy-duty drill. Self-taps through decking and aluminum cross channel.

Woven Vinyl Flooring (SeaGrass Flooring)

Gray SeaGrass
Tan SeaGrass
Tan Teak 
Gray Teak 
$36.95 per running foot (1'x8'6")

Woven vinyl flooring has become extremely popular over the past few years.  If you have been to any boat show since 2010 you have noticed almost every pontoon boat has this type of flooring.  Woven vinyl has the durability of solid vinyl flooring but also the softness of carpet, and the ability to stay cool on the bare foot.  Woven vinyl is sold under may different names SeaGrass, Infinity, MariDeck, etc.  But they are all the same, they are made by weaving vinyl threads into a pattern and are adhered to a foam backer for softness.  The good woven vinyl floors have felt adhered to the back of the foam, allowing the glue to grab the floor and adhere better to the deck, our woven vinyl has this.  

80mil Vinyl Tuf-Deck Flooring

Gray Vinyl
Tan Vinyl
$25.50 per running foot (1'x8'6") 

The toughest floor on the market today.   Our Tuf-Deck flooring is the same as used on new boats.  Color goes all the way through the vinyl and is not just coated with color.   

50mil Vinyl Tuf-Deck Flooring

Gray Vinyl
Tan Vinyl
$21.50 per running foot (1'x8'6") 

Just like our 80 Mil Tuf-Deck flooring just a little thinner, makes this easier to work with, especially in bass boats.  Color goes all the way through the vinyl and is not just coated with color.   

22oz Cutloop Carpet

$12.50 per running Foot (1'x8'6")

20oz CutPile Carpet

$9.95 per running Foot (1'x8')