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Bunk Style Tandem Axle Pontoon Trailers by PMI

Tandem Axle Pontoon Trailers Designed for Travel not just Storage.

Our trailers are designed to our exact specifications to meet the needs of trailering with a new pontoon boat.  Extra Bracing, Radial Tires, Large Winch Stand with a Ladder, and Disc Brakes.

The PMI line of Tandem axle bunk style pontoon trailers come standard with all modern technology.  All PMI tandem axle trailers include all LED lights, the strongest 4" box steel frame in the industry, baked on 11 Mil textured powder coat finish that will last for years.  Large 13" load range D radial tires with galvanized steel wheels, a large winch stand with a full ladder that allows you easy access to your pontoon boat while it is on the trailer.  A 3200 lb winch to pull even the heaviest of pontoon boats on to the trailer with ease.  A dual wheel 1500 lb tongue jack that allows for you to move the boat and trailer with ease.  Large steel fenders that you can step up on and protect your boat from stones unlike the small cap fenders from other manufactures.  Heavy duty 3/16" thick steel box tube frame that is welded on all four sides.  Drain holes in the frame to let water drain and protect the inside of the trailer.  Don't be fulled by imitators, that use thin walled steel and do not weld the bottom of the frame.  These small things save money and time when building the trailer but will be the fail point when you are on the road.  
     All of our brake trailers have modern Disc Brakes with a concealed brake coupler built into the tongue of the trailer.  This allows for far superior braking than what you can get out of drum brakes with easier maintenance.  Enjoy your weekends, don't spend them fixing your pontoon trailer.  The modern concealed coupler is integrated into the frame, allowing for a much faster reaction time than the old style that is bolted to the top of the trailer frame.  The 5 pin wiring harness locks out the brakes when backing up, no need for a special lock out pin.
     Our trailers are designed to be used.  We do not sell cheap storage trailers because we feel every trailer should have the ability to be towed down the road.   If you ever need to tow your boat you will have the confidence that you can do that safely.  No one wants to be stranded on the freeway on a Saturday afternoon, or worse ruin your $40k+ investment.  If you have questions on what to look for visit  
Available tandem axle models are as follows
PMI-20T/13     Fits boats 18' - 21'
PMI-22T/13     Fits boats 22' - 23'
PMI-24T/13     Fits boats 24' - 25'
PMI-26T/13     Fits Boats 26' - 27'  (Note newer boats this size may require a super-duty model)
Brake trailer with conceled brake coupler
Big Winch stand with 3200lb winch standard
Full Steel Fenders that you can walk on
Sealed LED Lights
PMI326-SD on Barletta.jpg
Galvanized axles will not rust and last for years.   Painted axles are prone to rusting, every rock chip will break the paint and rust within months.
Upgrade to aluminum wheels for a true custom look.  You can also add the dress up kit which adds aluminum diamond plate to the trailer.
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